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Entries : Gumball India 2023

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Gumball India 2023 entries open today, August 01 2023, at 12 noon. The entry fee structure is as follows: Fastest Finger First : Only Five entries in this group are available. The first five competitors who book the entry slots get the benefit of a special fee of Rupees Fifty Thousand (Rs50,000). Early Entry : ….  Read More

Allowed Vehicles

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Gumball India 2023 entry is open to all types of four (or more) wheelers. So Car, Jeep, SUV, Mini Bus, Truck or Bus everything is fair game. All and any modifications are allowed and there is no restriction engine type or capacity. The crew is responsible for road worthiness and legality of the vehicle. The ….  Read More

Entry Opening

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The entry list for Gumball India 2023 will open on August 01, 2023 at 12 noon. The fee structure and start finish points will be revealed along with the entry list opening. Entries for the 2023 edition of Gumball India would be divided in to three classes: The Fastest Fingers – Limited to only first ….  Read More

Press Release #01

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Gumball India organisation announced the OPENING of entry list for the 2023 event will start from AUGUST 01, 2023t at 12 noon. Gumball India is the toughest and longest endurance drive across the country with the competitors having to cover FOUR THOUSAND kilometres from start to finish. Only TWO people per car are allowed and ….  Read More

Announcement 2023

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The organisers have fixed November 01, 2023 as the start date for Gumball India 2023. Entries for the 2023 endurance drive competition are planned to be opened on August 01, 2023. The start and finish city pairs will be announced along with the opening of entries. The approximately 4,000 kilometres long endurance drive will have ….  Read More