Press Release #01

Gumball India organisation announced the OPENING of entry list for the 2023 event will start from AUGUST 01, 2023t at 12 noon.

Gumball India is the toughest and longest endurance drive across the country with the competitors having to cover FOUR THOUSAND kilometres from start to finish. Only TWO people per car are allowed and they take turns to drive the entire distance NON-STOP. In between the start and finish the competitors have to do eight to ten COMPULSORY CHECKPOINTS. There is no particular order of checkin or route fixed and the competitors have to find their own way to cover all the points in the SHORTEST distance. The objective is not speed but navigating through all points covering the shortest distance. All stoppages are recorded by on board GPS LOGGER and all stoppage times, for whatever reason, are marked as PENALTY.

Gumball India event slogan has been ONE NATION – ONE PEOPLE and encourages, in fact pushes, participants to drive through remote countryside while they compete to find the shortest route from staart to finish. Gumball India encourages participation of drivers with disabilities by offering two free entries to spread inclusiveness.

A handsome PRIZE purse of minimum ONE LAC is awarded to the winners.

Gumball India 2023 will start on NOVEMBER 01, 2023.