Participants 2021

A single adventure is worth much more than life time of study.

Wise Man

Participating Teams

Able Warriors

City: Nagpur & Haridwar

Driver #1: Prashant Gaurkar
Driver #2: Digvijay Singh


City: Punjab

Driver #1: Harman Singh
Driver #2: Mukesh Arora

We are driving enthusiasts from the land of five rivers, for whom, driving is something with which we are born with. Every time I get behind the wheel I’m in my happy place. We believe that driving is one of those sensations that have to be experienced in order to properly understand how it truly makes you feel. For us, it’s just the car, along with vibrant music, and the possibilities are endless.

And not just a city we represent PUNJAB!!!

Deccan Renegades

City: Hyderabad

Driver #1: Rahul Gedupudi

Rahul loves cars and long-distance drives.

His longest till date has been 27 hours non-stop, and this is a challenge he just had to take on.

Driver #2: Rajesh Cherukuri

Rajesh is an entrepreneur who loves driving.

He says “Driving for me means power and freedom. The feeling that I can go anywhere I want at any time is exhilarating.”

Vehicle: Mahindra Thar


City: New Delhi

Khushdeep Baidwan & Rajani Chandra

 From being neighbours, to friends, to travel buddies, and the everlasting love for old hindi songs, we try to seize the day and make the most of it. We are Goldies and definitely not oldies, trying to pass on whatever wisdom life has taught us.#goldiesnotoldies#GODSPEED#Mamaswholovedriving Joyous and Fabulous Khushdeep – is a sikhni from Punjab, Music lover who loves her sleep. Works for Sports Authority of India as a Senior Coach. Radiant and Tactical Rajni – An avid gardener and a wonderful mathematics teacher . Both of them are always up for a new adventure specially if it’s a mountain calling. Looking forward to a fun journey with other people. Competition and winning apart, we believe in “the journey, not the destination that matters”. But sometimes winning does help.
KARM 2.0

City: Noida

Driver 1 : Kushagrr Agarwal

He is from Delhi, an entrepreneur with passion for Motorsports. A amature offroader and serial road tripper. Has driven across the country especially Northern Himalayan ranges, North East India, Western and Central India. He can drive nonstop for days.

Driver 2 : Rajatesh Maji

Hails from Noida and a Hotelier and Architect by profession. His love for travel is boundless and endless. Covering the country on wheels, he has also been to Bhutan by road. He and Kushagrr have a common love for automotive and Highways. His skills on the road are unmatched. They both make a lethal pair on the roads!
LivingLifeOnWheels! : Wheeling Happiness

City: New Delhi

Driver #1 Saumya Davar

She Celebrates life!

A daughter , a globe trotter and a management consultant! She loves to travel, read and dance!

Looking forward to the opportunity to experience the thrill from testing endurance levels. Driving across unknown terrains for hours and travelling across India.

She says: Being differently abled I have been told a zillion times that there are things I cant do, of which driving and independently travelling were a few.. Over the course of past 2 decades since my accident, I get my dopamine from breaking these thresholds. I started driving in 2014 and independently travelling since 2016 – they call me a globe trotter.

Driver #2 Shivam Saluja

A 25 year old micro greens farmer by profession and a traveller by passion!

Very thrilled and excited to participate in Gumball India as it gives him the opportunity to travel and explore different and very beautiful parts of India…..and for the adrenaline rush. of driving thousands of kilometres of unknown terrain day and night. Geared up for bringing the trophy home!

Rainbow Chasers

City: Surat

Driver #1: Abbas Taskeen
Driver #2: Abdul Kalam

Team Ace : Wheeling Happiness

City: Hyderabad

Driver #1: Joginder Singh

A D3 complete level Paraplegic due to road traffic accident in March 2018. A wheelchair user who can drive a car. He loves to go on long drives. Amongst list of his achievements in endurance driving is Hyderabad to Delhi on a motorcycle in 26 hours covering a total distance of about 1680 kms. But that was before his road traffic accident. After his accident in March 2018 and after undergoing rehab he is now a wheelchair user. He purchased a car in 2019, got it modified to go on long drives. He has done Hyderabad to Nagpur round trip in a single day covering 1050 Kms in 16 Hours. His  trips include driving to Visakhapatnam, Goa and Chandigarh.

He says: When I am driving a car I forget my physical disabilities. I love to drive for long hours.

Driver #2: Yashwardhan Kumar

He hails from Jamshedpur and is an avid driver, navigator and motorsports lover. He has volunteered to team-up with Joginder as a co-driver for Gumball India and help his team win.

The Automophiles

City: Habsiguda

Driver #1: Deepak Reddy
Driver #2: Nandita Reddy

The team THE AUTOMOPHILES is from Hyderabad and they seek to discover their inner strengths through adventure. A brother sister team consider each other “reckless” brats as driving is a second nature them. Gumball is the ultimate adrenaline rush for both of them.

Vehicle: Maruti Ertiga

The Defenders

City: Ranchi

Driver #1 Shalin Wadhawni
Driver #2 TBA

Team GeeForce

City: Mumbai

Driver #1: Girish Nair

He list his love for the outdoors & a passion for driving

Driver #2: Shaswat Mahopatra

Lists thats he lives to travel, & photography is his food.

Urban Nomads

City: Noida

Driver #1: Alok Mishra

A nomad by nature. He is fun loving person who likes to explore new places, discover new things and meet new people. To him Gumball India is perfect mix of all things above.

Driver #2: Aditya Sharma

With his childhood friend and another nomad, Aditya, who is seeking to drive on all kinds of terrains. Be it tackling Delhi traffic or hilly Uttrakhand or expressway to Hyderabad. He has done all.

Vehicle: Ford Eco Sport

Wandering Gliders

City: Bangalore

Driver #1 Saurav Mahant
Driver #2 Hari Nambiar

Hari Nambiar from Bangalore says: I generally prefer being outdoors and also love being behind the wheel. Saurav and I make the wandering glider’s team and we have a Toyota Fortuner as our vehicle. We are based out of Bangalore and love motoring in general. Hopefully, these interests should help us enjoy the event. Looking forward to the event and the fun experience.

Vehicle Fortuner


City: Kolkata

Driver 1 : Jit Mitra
Driver 2: Sayan Bhattacharya

Traveling is an integral part of both our lives. We often embark on road trips while breaking from work. Having participated in Gumball India 2020, it was a no-brainer that this year we both would participate.

SBI Kolkata Circle is sponsoring Team “Wandernerds” – Jit Mitra and Sayan Bhattacharya.

Wildlife : Lovers

City: Gorakhpur

Driver #1: Anil Kumar Singh

An adventure sport enthusiast which gives me opportunities to participate, plan, organise and supervise various adventure activities. Motorsports is one of them. Looking forward to face gumball challenge.

Driver #2: Ankur Singh

Anil Kumar Singh: A true adventure lover making his debut through gumball 2021

Father and son combo😜

Wildlife : Warriors

City: Guwahati

Driver 1 : Julin Boruah
Driver 2: Dr. Apurba Sharma

Our team from Assam is looking to give competition to all as they have more intimate knowledge of the Brahmaputra plains and the hilly east.


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