A simple non-stop drive of 3000 kilometres across India.

Not for just anybody.

Gumball India

A driving nightmare but a drivers dream. Endless roads to be covered. New routes to be found. One co-driver for company. High level of competiton to find the shortest route through checkpoints to the finish.
Participants needs high level of energy and resolve to see you through the end. 

60 Hours : 2850 Kms. Non Stop Kanyakumari - Vellore - Hyderabad - Amravati - Chikaldhara - Indore - Kotah - Agra. And we won!!!
Ashish Budhia
WInner 2020
To finishing the Gumball India- 3000 km cross country non stop from Kanyakumari to Agra amidst tough conditions!
Naman Gupta
Participant 2020

India. Ancient yet surprisingly modern. India cannot be introduced in a single book, let alone a paragraph or two.