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Gumball India curates endurance driving competitions 

Start to finish no route is defined but need to reach all the checkpoints in any order. It’s a nightmarish preposition to do non-stop endurance drive for up to 48 hours. Finding back of beyond tracks and roads to get the shortest distance. It’s a tough competition where you do not know who is likely to win till all finish.

But then when did GUMBALL play by the simple and straightforward?

In short to win you will :

  • Cover long distances from start to finish
  • Hard & ass numbing non-stop endurance drive
  • Go on on road or off
  • Cover all the checkpoint
  • Do this within shortest distance


85 Hours : 4000 Kms. Non Stop Koteshwar - Kala Dungar - Kota - Khajuraho - Chunar - Darbhanga - Guwahati - Namsei - Kaho. We did team driving and came first!
Rajatesh Majhi
Winner 2021
Being wheelchair bound is no handicap says this specially abled super girl who drove non-stop 4000 kilometre and that too in a small hatch - Maruti Celerio.
Somya Dawar
Participant 2021
60 Hours : 2850 Kms. Non Stop Kanyakumari - Vellore - Hyderabad - Amravati - Chikaldhara - Indore - Kotah - Agra. And we won!!! Maiden Gumball India.
Ashish Budhia
Winner 2020
Finishing itself was a daunting task. Gumball India 2020 was a 3000 km cross country non stop from Kanyakumari to Agra in middle of North Indian winters amidst tough conditions including fog at night!
Naman Gupta
Participant 2020
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Very Simple Rules:

  • At start starters are are given the list of checkpoints to be visited.
  • Competitors can visit these in any order.
  • Crews have to return to finish checkpoint before 48 hours are over. Even one second above the 48 hours leads to disqualification.
  • The winner is decided based on "minimum distance" covered to touch all checkpoints.
  • Coming earlier than 48 hours has no advantage.
  • In car app monitor and logs the travel. All stops are noted and cumulative stoppage time is converted to distance based on the crews average speed and added to actual distance covered.
  • The stoppage may be for what ever reason.

Gumball India entry is open to all types of four (or more) wheelers as long as they are registered for road use in India. We highly recommend 4WD SUV or better to enable competitors take shortcuts without too much bother.

So Car, Jeep, SUV, Mini Bus, Truck or Bus everything is fair game. All and any modifications are allowed and there is no restriction engine type or capacity. The crew is responsible for road worthiness and legality of the vehicle.

The crew size is limited to only two people on board.


You can choose any one or multiple navigation systems to chart the shortest distance to cover all the check points.

There is no organizers provided route or road book and neither is there any restrictions on which road or trail you can or cannot take. The crews will have to take responsibility of drive route and any restrictions placed anthem by government or owners of such properties that are traversed


During the run all cars are tracked live (subject to data range limits etc.)

The tracking iso all cars is  public and not only you can see your favorite competitor but also all the others. This will also enable your backend team to help you find the best route and advice over real time!!

The live tracking of all cars also adds to the fun. For those watching in be they your supporters or those rooting for your competition.


Both crew members can drive.

In fact they have to share driving duties to ensure that the endurance does not get better of them.

Only news having valid driving license for India are allowed to be members of the team.


There is no "official" route or road book.

Competitors are free to follow what ever route - on road or off road - to reach from point to point or in-between.

The sole objective is to find the shortest route that covers all the check points.


Only two member crew is allowed in each competition vehicle. No exception shall be made.

The organizers may add a third person in the vehicle only in case of their own media team and this person, if added, will not drive or help the competing crews to navigate or communicate.


All users will have to provision one smartphone (Android or iOS) no older than two years with charging cable and working data connection.

They will be obliged to load Virtual Marshal app and keep it running in the foreground through the competition. IfIt will be responsibility of the competitors to ensure that the phone is mounted safely and kept on charging.

If the app is run it in the background it will not mark the checkpoint and no request for marking or protest would be accepted. The app keeps track of when it is sent to background. Also if the app is killed this is also be recorded by the app.


At the Gumball India competition only winning matters. The winners and the first runners up will get a trophy plaque.

Winners will also get prize money of Rupees One lac. All finishers will get an exclusive "Gimball Finisher" trophy and participation certificate.


All and any modifications are allowed. There is no classification based on engine size or vehicle characteristics.

Tyres, air filters, exhaust, engine tuning etc. are all free and up to the participant.

The competitors are solely responsible for suitability of the vehicle and it's compliance to the road and legal use.

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A simple non-stop endurance DRIVING challenge of 48 hours from start to finish.

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