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Gumball India 2022 is schedule to start on November 16, 2022. Mark you calendars for another exciting endurance drive. More information here…

As is usual the final locations would be revealed at time of entry opening. For the moment all we can say is it’s going to be D2D.

Standard Entry list will open three months before the start date. Maximum of thirty entries will be taken. 


about india

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India cannot be introduced in a single book, let alone a paragraph or two.

An amazing country with array of cultures, languages, religions, foods, terrains…’s a unique amalgamation. India is only country that has roots in its continuous history from ancient civilisations to modern economy. India where language, script and vocabulary changes every 100 or 200 kilometres.

Now imagine driving across India. It is an unforgettable experience. Across many mighty rivers with their unique watershed and flora fauna. Experience the magic of monsoons that revives the nation after long spell of summer heat.

Only thing about this endurance drive is that there is no fixed route and you can drive across using any of the several alternatives. 


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