You start from one end of India till you reach the finish across the country. There would be mandatory checkpoints en-route where you need to compulsorily check-in. Continuous driving endurance between the two crew members is essential to finish. Other than that route is free. Objective is to reach the end with minimum penalties

Live tracking of all cars will add to the fun. For those watching in be they your supporters or those rooting for your competition.This will also enable your backend team to help you find the best route and advise over real time!!

Read more details, rules, entry fee, classes, etc. under FAQ’s section below.


Top FAQ's

Gumball India is an endurance drive and thus to keep level playing field only two crew members are allowed..

The same crew members need to be on board from start to finish of the event. No additional member(s) are allowed even if the car has additional seating capacity,

The crews may modify their cars in any manner without changing the original engine block. The cubic capacity, if in play, will be determined by the original block’s naturally aspirated capacity. Turbo charging, headers, exhaust, ECM’s all are allowed to be modified.

Gumball India has  only OPEN class for participation.

Additional classes may be added if there are more than three starters. For example: 

  • All women
  • Couple Crews
  • All Senior crew (50+)
  • Specially Abled

Additional classes may be preferred at organisers discretion subject to minimum three crews form that class. A team may be part of more than one class at the same time.

In our opinion there is no benefits either way. You should have vehicle that had long fuel range and should be comfortable to drive hour after hour after hour.

That said body type comforts are not in our scope to answer.

Crews will be responsible to arrange all permits and medical tests that may be needed under COVID 19 rules for all the states.

We hope that by the time event starts very few restrictions are in place.

Having said that if we cancel or reschedule the event all will be entitled to full refund of the entry fee paid.

Event planning and execution steps have to start now and we will continue to watch the pandemic situation and government advisories.

Total cash purse of Rupees One lac will be distributed. Overall first will get Rupees Seventy  Five Thousand. Overall second will get Rupees Twenty Five Thousand.

In addition overall top three positions will get trophies.

Top crew in each class will get a class trophy.

The final classification would be determined based on minimum distance covered by crews from start to finish and adjusted by assumed distance at average speed of each crew for all the stoppages. All speed and distances would be referenced in kilometres.

Each car will carry organiser supplied embedded GPS logger.

All crews participating are mandated to have organisers supplied app running in foreground on their smartphones.throughout the event.

The app can be set to recording mode only at the start point limited to the starting time window. It will not be possible to restart the app nor start it from any other location or time.

If any crew switches off the app or the smartphone during running of the event they will be marked disqualified.

The number and locations of mandatory intermediate checkpoints would be automatically revealed on competitors map only after they start from flag-off point. Till that time the location of checkpoints is secret.

GUMBALL INDIA has no fixed route. Participating crews can take any route from start to finish as long as they check-in at the given intermediate checkpoints. The crews will have to navigate intelligently to avoid traffic jams areas and yet keep their distance and stoppages to minimum to reach the end.

Gumball India format has no fixed route specified. Hence there is no dedicated breakdown medical services provided.

Gumball India team will track all vehicles through the event and will coordinate with local authorities to assist in assistance.

Tracking information is also available to their home / support teams to reach out locations in case of breakdowns or emergencies.