Participant List 2020

A single adventure is worth much more than life time of study.

Wise Man
Anil Wilson & Pradip Kumar – Delhi

City: New Delhi

Anuj Sharma & Smita Sharma – Dehradun

City: Dehradun

Driver #1: Anuj SharmaThe love for travelling made me drive to all the places where I could drive. I believe that every travel has a story. Also  I love to meet other travellers and listen to their stories. Driver #2: Smita SharmaPassion for travelling and exploring places has glued us together. For me travel is like detoxing and recharging ourselves. Looking forward to take part in Gumbal India. This would be the first time we’ll be taking part in such event. Their Car: Tata Safari

Aryaraj Singh – Bhubaneshwar

City: Bhubaneswar

Ashish Budhia & Rohit Kashyap – Ranchi

City: Ranchi

Driver #1: Ashish Budhia

He is a motor sport enthusiast for last 20 years. He is organising and participating in TSD rallies on the national circuit. Participated in the Desert storm, Raid-De-Himalaya, Dakshin Dare and other top events of the country.
Driving enthusiast, has lead expeditions to Myanmar, Thailand, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Iran, Azerbaijan, and Russia. Loves his Driving and looking forward to the challenge of Gumball.

Driver #2: Rohit Kashyap

Primarily a cricketer in his hey days, joined Motorsports for the last 5 years. He’s been active on the TSD Rally Circuit and is great in Networking.
He’s one of the pillars of the Wild Adventure Rally, an event of RAW, which has proven itself as one of three most Competitive TSD events in the country.

Together as a team Ashish & Rohit have clocked lots n lots of miles and are going to be a great competition at Gumball India 2020

Damaninder Singh Jaijee & Pawan – Patiala

City: Patiala

Driver #1: Damanjeet

Damanjeet says “I am an old hand at motorsport and have tried almost every aspect of this sport barring track racing.

Have been in this sport since 1986 starting with 2 wheelers rallies and graduating to 4 wheelers. Till recently participating and enjoying all forms of off-roading. Be it in the wilderness forests, mountain terrain or the desert including artificial track events. A pilot by profession, flying a Corporate Falcon 2000 for a Coal mining company. I am based in Gurgaon.”

Driver #2: Pawan

“My Co-Driver is Pawan Dabas also a veteran Rallyist who is a Automobile Engineer by profession with great Knowledge and understanding about automobiles of all years, types, sizes and technologies. “

Dheeraj Bhatnagar & Anil Seth – Gurgaon

City: Gurgaon

We are school time friends and learned driving together on an Ambassador. In the past 30 years we make lots of memories together.  But from the past few years we are not able to give time to our friendship. Main reason to participate in Gumball India is to get time for our friendship and create new memories for life time. Eagerly waiting for the day when we crank from the Starting Point.

Driver #1 Dheeraj Bhatnagar

I am simply a Drive lover. A solo Traveler.  I celebrate my happiness with a long drive and a long drive is the only medicine for my sadness. Love to drive in the mountains but plains can also make me crazy. Also participated in some motorsport events. Working with a two wheeler Dealership as a Manager Sales & Marketing.   Participating in Gumball is to experience new challenges and check my capabilities. Keen to meet new people and learn new things from them.

Driver # 2 Anil Seth

Accounts Manager by Profession and a Transporter. A man combination of Cool & calm Head with a good hand behind the wheel. First time participating in an event like this.  Participating in Gumball to enjoy the beauty of India and experience new.

Our Vehicle: Mahindra Thar

Digvijay & Pallavi – Haridwar

City: Haridwar

Jit Mitra & Soham Saha – Kolkata

City: Kokata

Driver #1: Jit Mitra

Driver #2: Vishal Sikaria

Jit is currently employed with a Nationalised Bank for 7 years and placed in Calcutta. Whether in office or home, I cannot stop thinking about the memories we will create on this event.

He says “There’s nothing like the view of an unending directionless road over the horizon from the dashboard of your vehicle. The excitement of such a view is probably what piques my gray cells whenever we embark upon a trip. I stumbled upon the news of Gumball 2020 accidentally probably on Facebook and understood that this event is meant for just lapping up without any second thought.”

Looking forward to ending this unique year with a new experience all along.

Kritika Khanna – Jammu

City: Jammu

Kushagr Agarwal & Rajatesh – New Delhi

City: New Delhi

Driver 1: Kushagrr Agarwal

An entrepreneur & headhunter by profession and a road expeditioner with over a decade plus of driving and biking across the country especially the Himalayan ranges, Deserts and the Western Ghats. Amateur Off-Roader on the weekends planning to pursue the sports professionally soon.

Driver 2: Rajatesh Maji

Rajatesh is a hotelier and real estate entrepreneur and has been an avid traveller who has driven extensively across India, Nepal and Bhutan. Covering Northern, Eastern Himalayan ranges to western beaches, is experience on the road and hands-on approach will help the team achieve its goal.

Their Car: Toyota Fortuner

Naman Gupta & Shivam – Dehradun

City: Dehradun

Driver #1: Naman Gupta

Naman, a hospitality professional from Dehradun, passionate about Motorsports and cars; have been a part of several rallies and driving expeditions.

Driver #2: Shivam

Shivam, an educationalist from Uttarakhand, is a fanatic driver and traveller, has an old love for jeeps and a new found love for classic and vintage cars.

Narendranath Tamaraikulam – Bangalore

City: Bangalore

Raghbir Singh & Prashu

City: Ambala

Rahul Gedupudi – Hyderabad

City: Hyderabad

Driver #1: Rahul Gedupudi

Rahul loves cars and long-distance drives.

His longest till date has been 27 hours non-stop, and this is a challenge he just had to take on.

Driver #2: Rajesh Cherukuri

Rajesh is an entrepreneur who loves driving.

He says “Driving for me means power and freedom. The feeling that I can go anywhere I want at any time is exhilarating.”

Rajess Cherian – Belgaum

City: Jameshedpur

Subir Roy & Nirav mehta – Kolkata

City: Kolkata

Tania Dua Khosla & Ritu – Noida

City: Noida

The Dhakkad Girls

Best Friends from the past as our Mums call us.

Driver #1: Ritu Mehta

Driver #2: Tania Dua Khosla

There are a few key characteristics that gave an edge to aid in our success:

  • Listern to yourself
  • Establish core values
  • Reach Higher
  • Live  Life ……………….and thats where we took our passion of driving to the heights of Rally driving. We did not pack our schedules full but took out time for life.

We have always believed


Hence this way or the other way we are achievers both the ways

Tirth Mazumdar – Nagpur

City: Nagpur

Vinay Sambaragimath & Prashant – Chennai

City: Chennai

Prashant and Vinay are both Chartered Accountants n friends from school days.

Driver #1: Prahsant

Prashant has been indulging in road trips only in the recent past. “Enough of flights, let’s get the cars roaring” is Prashant’s mantra.

Vinay counts on the unplanned Bangalore –  Ladakh – Bangalore trip from 10 years ago. And the most recent Spiti Winter Expedition 4×4 trip amongst his favourites.

“Gumball had to be simple as that” is what Vinay says.

Driver #2: Vinay

While Vinay is a hard core roadie (been exploring India and abroad over the past 20 years) n foodie,

A fascinating combination of endurance and intelligence to navigate the unknown roads in monsoon is his biggest draw to Gumball India 2020.
Abinash Prabhu

City: Chennai

Driver #1: Abhinash
Driver #2: Abhinesh