Announcement 2023

The organisers have fixed November 01, 2023 as the start date for Gumball India 2023.

Entries for the 2023 endurance drive competition are planned to be opened on August 01, 2023. The start and finish city pairs will be announced along with the opening of entries.

The approximately 4,000 kilometres long endurance drive will have approximately ten to twelve mandatory checkpoints in between the start and finish. The competitors have to go through all the checkpoint, in any order, to qualify as a finisher. There is no set route and the competition winning hinges upon the competitors discovering the shortest route to cover all the checkpoints.

The drive has to be on open public roads and will seriously test the endurance of the drivers as they drive virtually non-stop from start to finish in estimated 80 hours. In interest of safety a new rule will be added this year to limit the maximum speed limit the competitors can drive.