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Finding Shortest Route

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The Gumball India competition is about finding the shortest route from start to finish and through all the checkpoints. The start and the finish is already known beforehand the checkpoints are secret till the flag-off. It is only when competitors start that they are given list of checkpoint along with the GPS coordinates. Here we ….  Read More

Arrive & Drive

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You are free to use a borrowed or a hired car for the competition as you have to assume all responsibilities for the vehicle you are using. Gumball India has tied up with a local self drive car rental company that offers a special rental rates for participants of Gumball India 2022. Now you can ….  Read More

Top 10 FAQ’s

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Only Two crew in car alllowed? Gumball India is an endurance drive and thus to keep level playing field only two crew members are allowed.. The same crew members need to be on board from start to finish of the event. No additional member(s) are allowed even if the car has additional seating capacity, What ….  Read More


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REGULATIONS Vehicles Crews Classes Tech Scrutiny General Rules Format Classification Entry Fees Vehicles Any four wheeler, car or SUV, can be used for participation in Gumball India. To be eligible the vehicle used must meet the following conditions: Valid registration for driving on Indian roads. This includes vehicles imported under carnet for driving in India. ….  Read More


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Rules It Cannot Be Simpler Once Every Year You start from one place India till you reach the finish after driving humongously across the country. There would be mandatory checkpoints en-route where you need to compulsorily check-in. Continuous driving endurance between the two crew members is essential to finish. Other than that route is free. ….  Read More