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Simple Rules

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Between start and finish you drive. There would be mandatory checkpoints en-route where you need to compulsorily check-in. Continuous driving endurance between the two crew members is essential to finish. Other than that route is free. Objective is to reach the end with minimum penalties Live tracking of all cars will add to the fun. For ….  Read More

Fifteen Days Left

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Gumball India endurance driving competition starts on November 16, 2022. Do you measure upto it? Driving approximately 4,000 kilometres with no stoppages against competition. It’s not just for anyone. Are you one of them who can do this? Standard entry registration close on October 15, 2020. Only fifteen days left to make your entry.

Looking for co-driving partner?

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InCarNation sports is so about helping people realise their passion about various streams of motorsports. Towards this vision we run grassroot events, competitions and training programs. Many people wanting to participate are handicapped as they do not have a co-driver. Join our WhatsApp group and drop in a message and maybe you are able to ….  Read More

Gumball India 2022 – Early Entry Open

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The countdown to Gumball India 2022 begins with opening of early entries on August 16, 2022 Early entries have been opened for the extreme endurance motoring event in India – Gumball India. Entry fee for crew of two people in a vehicle is fixed at Rupees Fifty Five Thousand only and includes night stays from ….  Read More

Participants 2022

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A single adventure is worth much more than life time of studying books. Unknown Wise Man Participating Teams Listing of participating teams in 2022 will appear here once the entries are filled up Registrations [customer_list product=”34701,34703″ show_titles=”false” order_status=”wc-completed,wc-processing” order_number=”false” order_date=”false” billing_first_name=”true” billing_last_name=”true” billing_company=”false” billing_email=”false” billing_phone=”false” billing_address_1=”false” billing_address_2=”false” billing_city=”true” billing_state=”false” billing_postalcode=”false” billing_country=”false” shipping_first_name=”false” shipping_last_name=”false” shipping_company=”false” shipping_address_1=”false” ….  Read More

International Disability Day

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Gumball INDIA 2021 announced two free entries for Saumya and Joginder. Both are wheelchair bound drivers and we salute their go get attitude and wish them the best for the drive. Thanks to encouragement by Deepa Malik and Wheeling Happiness Celebrating positive actions on this International Day for Disabled. #gumballindia #Endurance #driving #competition

Press Release: October 01, 2021

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InCarNation Sports announced today opening on subscription list for Gumball India 2021 event from October 06, 2021. The event will take place between December 24 to 28, 2021. It is expected that twenty to twenty five participants will take the start in this endurance drive competition. The Gumball India 2021 drive will start from Koteshwar, ….  Read More