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General Rules
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Any four wheeler car or SUV can be used for participation in Gumball India. The vehicle used must meet the following conditions:

  • Valid registration as per Indian laws including vehicles imported under carnet for driving in India.
  • Valid comprehensive insurance covering third party and passenger liabilities.
  • Valid pollution under control (PUC) certificate.
  • The vehicle must retain original engine block.
  • Before starting the drive crews will enter all required information on scrutiny card.
  • Crews will self certify all information entered to be correct.


The crews participating in Gumball India should ensure and certify that:

  • Both members are major. No minor is allowed to be on board during the event fro start to finish.
  • Both members of crew should be holding driving license with validty to drive in India.
  • It is mandatory for both crews to be carrying valid medical insurance policy, including hospitalisation benefits, for cover of at least Rupees Ten Lacs.
  • Crews will self certify and enter all information in the scrutiny card.


Gumball India has following classes for participation.

  • Vehicles with engine capacity of less than 1400cc.
  • Vehicles with engine capacity of more than 1400cc.
  • All women / Couple crew.
  • All Senior crew (50+)

Additional classes may be preferred at organisers discretion subject to minimum four crews form that class.

Tech Scrutiny

Technical scrutiny would take place only in case of any doubts are expressed as to the engine capacity of a competing vehicle. Engine capacity would be determined by general principles by referring to:

  • Bore of cylinder.
  • Stroke of cylinder.
  • Number of cylinders.
  • Identification of original block by reference to manufacturer’s engine stamping and registration certificate of the vehicle.
  • Reliance would be placed on documentation from vehicle manufacturer for determination of the above measurements.
  • Decision of organisers tech representative would be final in this regards.

General Rules

Gumball India endurance drive has very few and simple rules to be observed by all participants:

  • Start is allowed only within the time window communicated to competing crews.
  • Only the declared two members of the crew will be present in the vehicle from start to finish.
  • Crews have to check-in at all checkpoints before reaching the finish.
  • Checkpoints may be done in any order.
  • The crews and vehicle may be subject to scrutiny, at random, at any of the checkpoint or en-route. Time for such scrutiny will not count towards classification.


Gumball India endurance drive has a unique format that blends endurance with ability to navigate.

  • Travel minimum distance from start to finish through all the checkpoints.
  • Use best navigation to find the shortest distance from checkpoint to checkpoint and overall. 
  • Minimum stops time / halts are to be done including those for fuel, tolls, bio-breaks, meals or rest.
  • In car system will record all stops and cumulative stop time will be used as part of classification.
  • Reach the end within maximum allowed time with probable average of less than 60 kilometre per hour.


Gumball India final classification would be based on getting minimum penalties.

Penalties is sum of:

  • Total distance from start to finish.
  • Assumed distance for total stoppage time at speed of 60 kilometres per hour.

Entry Fees

Entries are closed


Top Ten FAQ’s

How many crew members are allowed?

Gumball India is an endurance drive and thus to keep level playing field only two crew members are allowed..

The same crew members need to be on board from start to finish of the event. No additional member(s) are allowed even if car may have seating capacity,

What modifications are allowed?

The crews may modify their cars in any manner without changing the original engine block. The cubic capacity for purpose of class will be determined by the original block’s naturally aspirated capacity. Turbo charging, headers, exhaust, ECM’s all are allowed to be modified.

What are different classes?

To keep competition on even keel there are three classes being established. In each class the first three standings will receive class winners trophies.

  • Cars with engine block capacity less than 1400cc
  • Cars with engine block capacity more than 1400cc
  • All Women / Couple crews
  • All Seniors crews (50+)

Crews can declare themselves to be part of only one class before the beginning of the event.

Additional classes may be formed at organisers discretion subject to at least four starters of additional  class.

Do you recommend using 4×4 vehicles?

In our opinion there is no benefits either way. You should have vehicle that had long fuel range and should be comfortable to drive hour after hour after hour.

Also we do not expect you to encounter too much slippery terrain beyond there usual rain.

Can COVID19 restrictions effect the event?

Crews will be responsible to arrange all permits and medical tests that may be needed under COVID 19 rules for all the states.

We hope that by the time event starts few restrictions are in place.

Having said that if we cancel or reschedule the event all will be entitled to full refund of the entry fee paid.

Event planning and execution steps have to start now and we will continue to watch the pandemic situation and government advisories.

What is the prize money?

Overall top three winners irrespective of class will get overall trophies.

Top crew in each class will get a class trophy.

There is no cash prize. However organisers, at their discretion, may institute cash prizes if sponsorship for event is raised.


The final classification would be determined based on minimum distance covered by crews from start to finish and adjusted by assumed distance at speed of 60 kilometre per hour for all the stoppages.

All crews participating are mandated to have organisers supplied app running on their smartphones.through the event.

The app can be set to recording mode only at the start point limited to the starting time window. It will not be possible to restart the app nor start it from any other location or time.

If any crew switches off the app or the device during running of the event they will be marked disqualified.

What are checkpoint locations?

The intermediate checkpoints would be automatically revealed on competitors map once they take a start from Kanyakumari. Till that time the location of checkpoints is secret.

What is the route?

GUMBALL INDIA has no fixed route. Participating crews can take any route from start to finish as long as they check-in at the given intermediate checkpoints. The crews will have to navigate intelligently to avoid traffic jams areas and yet keep their distance and stoppages to minimum to reach the end.

What backup services are provided?

Gumball India format has no fixed route specified. Hence there is no dedicated breakdown medical services provided.

Gumball India team will track all vehicles through the event and will coordinate with local authorities to assist in assistance.

Tracking information is also available to their home / support teams to reach out locations in case of breakdowns or emergencies.

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