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Start & Finish Points

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Gumball India 2021 is connecting two extreme corners of india going east from the western end. Koteshwar, Kutch District, Gujrat is the western most tip of India and beyond that are waters of the Arabian Sea and Sir Creek that form the border between India and Pakistan. Koteshwar, a small fishing community, is place of ….  Read More

What accommodation will be provided?

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All entrants would be provided accommodation at the following locations  This is included in the subscription fee.: START One night hotel stay would be given to all participants for the night prior to start. REGROUP A hotel room for each crew will be provided at the mandatory rest and regroup halt. FINISH Village stay with ….  Read More

Route for Gumball India 2021

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GUMBALL INDIA 2021 has no fixed route. Participating crews can take any route from start to finish as long as they check-in at the all the intermediate checkpoints. The crews will have to navigate intelligently to avoid traffic jams areas and yet keep their distance to minimum to reach the end. All stoppages – what ….  Read More

How will we get intermediate and final results?

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There is no intermediate results. All participants, and their supporters back home, will be able to track all crews on tracking map online. The crews can take help and form strategy using help from supporters sitting remotely to decide on more or less favourable route and upcoming traffic congestions. Individual final results would be given ….  Read More

Which vehicle you recommend?

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The organisers do not recommend any particular type or class of vehicle. IN general it is recommended to drive any vehicle which the crew is familiar with and is able to drive for extended periods of time. It is expected that crew will encounter long periods of endurance drive.

In which car can participate?

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You can drive in any car – Indian or Imported – as long as your vehicle is legally registered in India, your car has current Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC). You need to carry full comprehensive road insurance covering third party. The street legality of your car or the modifications will remain fully and legally ….  Read More

What is included in my entry fee?

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The entry fee for GUMBALL INDIA 2021  includes: Chance to participate in GUMBALL INDIA 2021 Registration and authentication on official app Invite to prize distribution and celebration drinks & dinner for two One night stay near the start One night stay at regroup halt One night stay at finish at finish

Event Schedule

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DATE ACTIVITY October 01, 2021 Event Announcement October 07-15, 2021 Early Entry Window – Limited to 10 slots Oct 16 – Nov 15,2021 Standard Entry Window – Limited to 10 slots Nov 16- Dec 15, 2021 Late Entry Window – Limited to 10 slots December 19, 2021 Last Date For Documentation Submission & Class Declaration December ….  Read More

My Entry is on Backorder?

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We are releasing only a limited number of of entries for Gumball India 2021 as per following schedule: October 07 – Early entries 10 slots October 16th – Standard entries 10 slots November 16 1st – Late entries 10 slots If the entries in the current active slot are all subscribed you will have to wait ….  Read More