Start & Finish Points

Gumball India 2021 is connecting two extreme corners of india going east from the western end.

Koteshwar, Kutch District, Gujrat is the western most tip of India and beyond that are waters of the Arabian Sea and Sir Creek that form the border between India and Pakistan. Koteshwar, a small fishing community, is place of pilgrimage for worshippers of Lakhsmi Narain Temple. Nearby is the fort of Lakhpat.

Kaho, Anjaw District, Arunachal Pradesh is the first village of India when entering from China. Also hills of nearby Dong village has distinction as it receives first rays of the sun everyday.

Between them the two points represent the western most and eastern most tip of India. What better way to celebrate “One Nation One People” slogan of our event. An approximate distance of 4,000 kilometres will be driven by competitors from the start to finish.