Arrive & Drive

You are free to use a borrowed or a hired car for the competition as you have to assume all responsibilities for the vehicle you are using.

Gumball India has tied up with a local self drive car rental company that offers a special rental rates for participants of Gumball India 2022.

Now you can pickup a self drive car from Delhi and after the event drop it back at Delhi.

Rental per day will be based on type of vehicle used. The available vehicles range from mid-size sedan to latest SUV’s.

Self Drives provide self driving cars to customers at very competitive prices and offer absolutely new and young well maintained vehicles for a hassle free and enjoyable driving experience.

Our range of vehicles is large, starting from the smallest and the basic of hatchbacks to the most luxurious and premium sedans, convertibles and super premium SUV’s, to suit all budgets and purposes

To book a self drive hire at a discussion rate book your entry for Gumball India and connect with us to get a special rate coupon. Use this coupon while booking your car at