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Entry List : December 01, 2020

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December 01, 2020 InCarNation Sports released list of all participants who have subscribed for the event. There are eighteen teams who have registered for the event. Only late entries are now being accepted for the gruelling endurance drive event that is being run in India for the first time. The list can be accessed here. ….  Read More


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ROUTE UPDATE. The finish for Gumball India 2000 is shifted to Agra. This has been done keeping in view the severe fog conditions that prevail towards he end of December in the general region surrounded by Ganga and Yamuna rivers. Such conditions are likely to prevail onwards of Agra up to Dehradun. The distance coverage ….  Read More

Press Release: December 01, 2020

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December 01, 2020 InCarNation Sports released list of all participants who have subscribed for the event. The organisers revealed that within a month of opening of subscription eighteen teams have entered the competition. The list of teams and information about the crews can be accessed here. Only late entries are now being accepted for the ….  Read More

Event Reschedule

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RESCHEDULED Gumball India 2020 Due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic this event was listed for re-schedule. Keeping in view current trends the organising team is now please to announce new dates of the event. Gumball India 2020 is now going to be held from December 25 to December 27, 2020.

Early Entry List

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Quite frankly we are surprised that all the slots earmarked for early entries have been subscribed within three days of entries opening. Sudev Barar Organiser Gumball India 2020 List Of Early Entries [customer_list product=”8934″ show_titles=”false” order_status=”wc-completed” order_number=”false” order_date=”false” billing_first_name=”true” billing_last_name=”true” billing_company=”false” billing_email=”false” billing_phone=”false” billing_address_1=”false” billing_address_2=”false” billing_city=”true” billing_state=”false” billing_postalcode=”false” billing_country=”false” shipping_first_name=”false” shipping_last_name=”false” shipping_company=”false” shipping_address_1=”false” shipping_address_2=”false” shipping_city=”false” ….  Read More

Press Release October 31, 2020

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InCarNation Sports announced today opening on subscription list for Gumball India 2020 even from November 01, 2020. The event will take place between December 25 to 27, 2020. It is expected that twenty to twenty five participants will take the start in their maiden endurance. The Gumball India 2020 drive will start from Kanyakumari and ….  Read More

Endless Roads

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Going from one end of India to the other one has option of using the “Golden Quadrilateral” which means travelling on the expressways throughout and missing the landscapes the country roads have to offer. Going off the expressways can make your distance shorter – the objective of Gumball India Endurance Drive – and open up ….  Read More

2020 Announcement

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Gumball India will run the 2020 edition from December 25th starting from Kanyakumari at the southern tip of India. The drive will travel north and culminate at Dehradun. The event will be limited to thirty cars with crew of two each. Subscription to the event will open on November 1st @0000 hrs.