Press Release: December 01, 2020

December 01, 2020

InCarNation Sports released list of all participants who have subscribed for the event. The organisers revealed that within a month of opening of subscription eighteen teams have entered the competition. The list of teams and information about the crews can be accessed here.

Only late entries are now being accepted for the gruelling endurance drive event that is being run in India for the first time.

InCarNation Sports also mentioned that three addition entries are being released by them free of cost for three teams with where one on the crew would be specially abled-person. These three entries are being finalised under panel headed by Padamshri Deepa Mallik ji and would be announced on the International Day for Physically Handicapped. – December 03, 3030.

The organising team is keeping close watch on the COVID19 restrictions etc. in place and will take a final call on event date rescheduling, if any, by December,ber 10, 2020.

Billing First name Billing Last name Billing City Display Name
Tania Dua Khosla Noida
Damaninder SIngh Jaijee Patiala
Rahul Gedupudi Hyderabad
Tirth Mazumdar Nagpur
Aranyaraj Singh Bhubaneswar
Dheeraj Bhatnagar Gurgaon
Kushagr Agarwal New Delhi
Vinay Sambaragimath Belgaum
Subir Roy Kolkata
Anuj Sharma Dehradun
Ashish Budhia Ranchi
Anil Wilson New Delhi
Jit Mitra Kolkata
Naman Gupta Dehradun

Billing First name Billing Last name Billing City Display Name
Abhinash Prabhu Chennai
Narendranath Tamaraikulam Bangalore