3 Days to Flag Off

Gumball India NORTH edition flags off on Friday March 15th from Delhi NCR.

Unlike the previous two editions this edition is not running laterally along the South North or West East axis across the country. The checkpoints will be setup in a radial fashion around Delhi NCR creating complexity in finding the shortest route through all the checkpoints.

The start and finish will be at the centre of the radial area around Delhi NCR and hence the order of checking in at various mandatory points becomes a very important matter of strategy.

Gumball India format is not about speeding out finishing first. It’s all about finding the shortest distance that will cover all the checkpoints. The strategy is also to avoid traffic jams and stops. Total time spent in stoppage is added as penalty distance to determine the winning vehicle.

More than just the crew in the car their friends and family can also get involved in making routing strategies. The position of all crews is tracked and available on a public URL so that they can help the crews on finding the shortest route.