Somya Comp #05


Meet Somya Davar. Superhero. Go getter. Indefatigable.

Wheelchair enabled since last two decades she will not let any challenge go untried. And when Wheeling Happiness gave her the opportunity to participate in Gumball India 2021 she was ecstatic to say the least. A female. Wheelchair enabled. Driving 4000 kilometres nonstop. She made it sound like fun and piece of cake.

Her words…..

Team LivinglifeonWheels finally in Gujarat and settled , now all geared up to do some touristy things before we start the rally!

At pre-event press meet in Bhuj.

And the rally photo shoot is on! Just a snippet! Meeting all the competitors especially the others in my class – Joginder, Digvijay and Prachant.

Waiting for sun to go down all competitors lined up at Koteshwar.

And the rally kicked off from Koteshwar Gujrat! 24th Dec at 6 am and the teams were lined up to kick off and get to the first check point which was Lakhpat! Excitement and thrill galore!

From extreme west to extreme east! After 1700 kms and 32 hours of drive we have finally reached Madhya Pradesh, in the middle of the country! Another 1500 kms still to go!

Tracking app for Gumball India

We made it to Kaho Arunachal Pradesh, the extreme east of india touching the China border! 4000 + kms covered in 4 days with one stop! From forts to white sand to hills and plains, covering every terrain possible, we reached! We didn’t win, though we created a memory and experience of a life time! Thanks to Padamshree DeepaMalik for giving this opportunity!