Participants 2021, Updates 2021

Rajni & Khushdeep Comp #11

The only all women team in the competition. Hats off to the two professors from Delhi. This is what Rajni has to say….

One day I was simply scrolling through my phone’s WhatsApp chats I got the notification in the “MOTORSPORT” group chat about the rally taking place from the Western tip of India (Koteshwar) all the way to the Eastern tip of India (Kaho). This fact piqued my Interest as this would be the first time I would ever get the opportunity to drive continuously for long stretches of time and cover all types of terrain.

Out of all the many interesting and exciting things we got to do and see during this trip, there are some things that I remember fondly for instance the road that was being constructed in the Rann of Kutch was a unique experience to drive in.

I got the opportunity to find out that I had the stamina and the ability to drive during the night and day with little to no breaks. The route which the organisers had provided us was exceptionally beautiful and one that we would not have been able to take on our own. The people I the opportunity to meet during this rally were extremely friendly and helpful despite the fact that we were “competitors”.

One thing I hope that can be taken care of is the night driving on lonely roads where I felt insecure and concerned for my personal safety.

To finish I would like to thank Mr. Sudev Barar the organiser of the entire rally who provided all of us for this wonderful and exciting adventure. And a big shout out to the wonderful participants.