Car Decal : Gumball Fighter 2021


This is an exclusive GUMBALL INDIA 2021 FIGHTER decals for face application on transparent materials. White background highlights the graphics. Laser cut outline with sharp precise edge adds to the style. Decal with diameter of 150mm (6inch) for boot area application.


These decals are meant for interior application on transparent surface. Example use areas are car body, Metal boards, glass partition etc. The decal uses front gumming material. Next day shipping within India.

Application: Clean the area of application throughly and dry. Peel off the front cover sheet carefully from the decal and spray lightly soapy water. Place on the surface and remove air bubbles and kinks. Leave the decal to dry.

Removal: The decal can be peeled off easily without harming the underlying pain. A little application of hot air helps in removal.

Face gumming decal 150mm (6inch) diameter

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Dimensions 200 × 200 × 2 mm