Joginder Comp#07

Joginder had a car accident in 2018 and resulting spinal injury left him paralysed. With grit and determination he has started driving again. Here in his own words the experience of Gumball 2021…..

Gumball India

Gumball 2021, a 4000 kms non stop endurance drive, from Koteshwar, Kutch Western border of India to Kaho, Arunachal Pradesh, eastern border to India 24th December2021 to 28th December 2021.

This year’s Gumball 2021 was celebration of 75years of azaadi ka amritmahotsav, Diverse and Inclusive India. I got an opportunity to participate in this ride representing wheeling happiness an NGO run by Padmashree Deepa Malik and Devika Malik.

I would have never imagined that being a wheelchair user I will ever be able to participate in a drive or competition with abled bodied people, no discrimination, equal opportunity provided…..all the adjectives that a corporates use to represent themselves but hardly follow…. Gumball 2021 and the chief organizer Mr.Sudev brar hats off to you and motorsport fraternity associated with him for pulling off such a wonderful event which for me was the most inclusive event which I have participated after being wheelchair bound since March 2018.

A special thanks to Yashwardhan Kr who accepted to be my co-driver and came down to hyderabad to be with me so that we can start the journey together from Hyderabad.

5 days and 5 nights I have spent in the car and this was for the first time I have spent so much of time in a car.

The beauty, diversity, geographic diversity in terms of plainlands, barren but beautiful and scenic landscape of kutch , going through the Rann of Kutch was such a wonderful experience then going into Arunachal for the final leg .early sunrise through the beautiful mountains of Arunachal pradesh, following lohit river and the dangerous but beautiful Udayak pass….these are the memories which I shall cherish for my whole life.

This was for the first time for me to experience how mororsport community operates, behaving as one unit, always ready to help at the same time being competitive. A special thanks to Abbas Taskeen , a wonderful person I met…. Somya Dawar an inspiration for me and Prashu Gaurkar and Digvijay Jitendra Kumar the winners of our class.

I thank wheeling happiness an NGO whose priority is to work for uplifting the lives of people with disabilities but also giving them the equal opportunity to participate in such an adventurous sport.