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Is It Dangerous?

Right at start let us address the elephant in the room.

Being out on the road is dangerous. No two questions about it. In fact given the number of variables that your mind needs to process every moment it is the most dangerous activity in your daily life.

Err….variables? Yes variables. Defined as something you cannot control as opposite to something you can control.

Let’s take a walk by road side. You can control your walking to be on side walk but can you control each and every other walker, cyclist, scooterist, car or bus or truck driver passing by you every minute. Add road crossings. Add visibility…

Now add driving. Add non-stop. Add long distance. Add day and night. Add rain or fog.

Yes. Gumball India is a dangerous adventure. Come only if you can still master all of it.

Safety is in your hands.

Adventure is over coming danger. Mastering danger is a rush.

Life Experiences.