FAQ's 2022, Merchandise

Installing Decals

Installing decal / sticker on large surface and ensuring that it remains wrinkle free is a challenge.
We suggest the following steps:

  1. Identify and clean the surface of dust using soap water / cleaner solution.
  2. Spray cleaner slightly on the surface.
  3. Un-peel the backing paper from the sticker ensuring gum surface is not spoilt.
  4. While unpeeling spray cleaner solution on the sticker also.
  5. Install the sticker on surface and adjust to satisfaction. Soap solution ensure that sticker does not immediately stick and becomes wrinkled.
  6. With cloth remove air bubbles and wrinkles stroking from centre to edges.
  7. Make sure all wrinkles are removed. You may have to wait to some time for soap solution to dry off and then press out remaining wrinkles.

Done properly the decal remains flat and wrinkle free or with minimum wrinkles. It also ensures that the sticker does not come off due to wind pressure.