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Gumball Jaipur

July 01, 2024

Gumball India announced its next competition event will be held at Jaipur starting July 26, 2024. The event will be flagged off at 7 pm and the competitors will cover approximately 2,000 to 2, 400 kilometers to reach the finish at Jaipur on evening of July 28, 2024. In this 48 hours they have to cover all checkpoints revealed to them at the start.

The competition format is not about going fast and reaching the finish early. They will be tested on driving endurance to the utmost and their navigation skills will be put to test. The competition is all about finding the shortest route from start to finish while touching all the given checkpoints. The driving  and navigation could be on road or off road to ensure that the shortest distance is covered.

The competitor also face a huge challenge in doing the entire drive non-stop. All stoppages are automatically timed by an in-car app and penalty is added based on the total stoppage time. The stoppage could be for any reason be it for fueling or toll or traffic jam or driving breaks.

The competitor who covers all the checkpoints within least distance wins and part from WINNER trophy plaque is also awarded prize money of Rupees One Lac.

This is the fifth event of Gumball India series which started first in 2020.