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Girish & Sashwat Comp #14

Gumball 2021 K2K

An event like no other I’ve been a part of.

I have traversed the length & breadth of India by road, partly because of my line of work & also because I’m so passionate about driving, & visiting new places.

But Gumball is so very different than just rallying, or visiting places, because it combines the very ingredients of navigation, endurance, & camaraderie amongst the competitors. The event was nicely managed by Sudev sir & his team of dedicated warriors, and everyone was sincerely working towards making the event a success. Organizing an event of this magnitude, stretching from the west coast of India to the eastern most point in Arunachal Pradesh is no piece of cake.

The route was pinned down by checkpoints through which the racers had to pass & even those were very aptly chosen to give us a chance of experiencing the various facets of our country. The feeling one got upon reaching the final checkpoint in the midst of the rolling mountains & heavy clouds was awe inspiring. Seeing our brave & tough soldiers of the army stationed there, come rain, hail or sunshine was enough to raise our tired spirits after a grueling schedule of driving cross country.

All in all, a very memorable, inspiring & exciting event to which I’m surely looking forward to again.

Till then, Drive Safe & Godspeed.