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Arrive & Drive

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You are free to use a borrowed or a hired car for the competition as you have to assume all responsibilities for the vehicle you are using. Gumball India has tied up with a local self drive car rental company that offers a special rental rates for participants of Gumball India 2022. Now you can ….  Read More

Top 10 FAQ’s

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Only Two crew in car alllowed? Gumball India is an endurance drive and thus to keep level playing field only two crew members are allowed.. The same crew members need to be on board from start to finish of the event. No additional member(s) are allowed even if the car has additional seating capacity, What ….  Read More

My Experience – Julin Comp #19

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Gumball India 2021 was a surprise for both of us – I and my teammate Dr Apurba Kumar Sharma. My brother Anand asked me in the month of November “Julin Gumball jayega kiya?” and I instinctively said “YES” just like that because it was my long standing dream to participate in motorsports. Filling in details ….  Read More

KARM 2.0 Comp #03

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Gumball India drive is not just about driving but combining the skills of driving non-stop and navigating to finish while trying to do in the shortest distance and also passing through all checkpoints allocated. Yes, the distances could be upwards of 3,000 kilometres in a single stretch. Wondering how two road expedition organisers, now also ….  Read More