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Event Schedule

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DATE ACTIVITY October 01, 2021 Event Announcement October 07-15, 2021 Early Entry Window – Limited to 10 slots Oct 16 – Nov 15,2021 Standard Entry Window – Limited to 10 slots Nov 16- Dec 15, 2021 Late Entry Window – Limited to 10 slots December 19, 2021 Last Date For Documentation Submission & Class Declaration December ….  Read More

My Entry is on Backorder?

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We are releasing only a limited number of of entries for Gumball India 2021 as per following schedule: October 07 – Early entries 10 slots October 16th – Standard entries 10 slots November 16 1st – Late entries 10 slots If the entries in the current active slot are all subscribed you will have to wait ….  Read More

Press Release: October 01, 2021

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InCarNation Sports announced today opening on subscription list for Gumball India 2021 event from October 06, 2021. The event will take place between December 24 to 28, 2021. It is expected that twenty to twenty five participants will take the start in this endurance drive competition. The Gumball India 2021 drive will start from Koteshwar, ….  Read More

Will we get roadbooks?

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Will we get road books for Gumball India 2020? Short answer – No Long answer – It is a endurance and navigation challenge. Find your own way from start to finish through all checkpoints. Just another bump to be overcome by competitors at Gumball India. Entries open. Only a limited and lucky ones will get chance to do this ….  Read More

Team #10

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Introducing Team Digvijay Singh and Pallavi He is a man with disability in both his legs, yet a man with an iron will, who is all set to compete in the Gumball India Endurance Drive 2020.He has many feathers in his cap, Digvijay will compete in this drive, in a stock car, without the assistance ….  Read More

Team #09

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Meet the team of tigers making their debut for Gumball India 2020 drive.Raghuvir, from Ambala, is ex-airforce man. Dispite his one leg being amputated he lives a full life. Hold many driving records. Ande now is in competition to win this drive. His partner Prashant, from Nagpur, is a double amputee, participates in Marathons and ….  Read More

Press Release: December 03, 2020

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On the occasion of International Day of Persons With Disabilities (IDPWD2020) Gumball India in association with Wheeling Happiness Foundation announced three participants to the event. Our special thanks and salute to the initiative by Deepa Mallik ji to make this happen and Wheeling Hapiness Foundation   The drivers are physically challenged and will attempt to ….  Read More

Entry List : December 01, 2020

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December 01, 2020 InCarNation Sports released list of all participants who have subscribed for the event. There are eighteen teams who have registered for the event. Only late entries are now being accepted for the gruelling endurance drive event that is being run in India for the first time. The list can be accessed here. ….  Read More