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Navigation& Strategy

Gumball is also about navigation and strategy.

As in my earlier post we mentioned few competitors went clockwise and were tailing each other right till the morning of last day. But then one car came in to finish at 1000hr while the other came is just in time before 48 hours were over at 1600hrs. Difference of 6 hours.

Almost identical distances were covered by them within range of 4~5 kilometres of each other. But in one case the average speed was 48kmph and the other was 40kmph. The slower guy had actually covered more distance BUT came second overall.


Because the stoppage time of both was converted to penalty distance leading to additional distance penalty of 18 kilometres as stoppage time for both was slightly more than 2.5 hours. So it’s not about just going faster but also reducing your average speed to least do that stoppage penalty is also smaller.

Yes reducing stoppage time itself to minimal helps a lot.