Gumball India is looking at brands and products interested to be associated with the event and promotions.

The event cover trans India audience not only on ground but also on social media as well as on our web site. As the crews wind their way across the country many supporters will also be checking on their progress from minute to minute on our tracking pages.

Connect with us for more details on how to build excitement for your brand or product..

Hi Vay King

We welcome on board HiVayKing Club as our first response partner for Gumball India.

HiVayKing Club has members spread all over the country. They have been giving exemplary help to motorists stranded away from home. All for their love of motoring and fellow drivers.

HiVayKing Club would be tracking all participants as they wind their way from start to finish and will coordinate help when needed.

Join HiVayKing Club Community here