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December 25 - 27, 2020


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First time in India

It cannot be simpler. You start from one end of India till you reach the finish across the country. There would be mandatory checkpoints en-route where you need to compulsorily check-in. Continuous driving endurance between the two crew members is essential to finish. Other than that route is free. Objective is to reach the end with minimum penalties

Live tracking of all cars will add to the fun. For those watching in be they your supporters or those rooting for your competition.This will also enable your backend team to help you find the best route and advise over real time!!

Read more details, rules, entry fee, classes, etc. under FAQ’s section

Entries Opened November 01, 2020

Schedule Of Entry Fee

All Entry For Crew Of Two Only

Start From: Kanyakumari 

Finish At: Dehradun

Estimated 60 hours


Early Entry: Rs15,000 - 10 slots only 

Standard Entry: Rs20,000 - 10 slots only

Late Entry: Rs25,000 - 10 slots only

Will be released on December 01 @00:00hrs (you can pre-order)

Registration Is Transferable

GST as applicable

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November 01, 2020Event Announcement
November 01-15, 2020Early Entry Window
November 16-30, 2020Standard Entry Window

December 01-15, 2020

Late Entry Window
December 19, 2020Last Date For Documentation Submission & Class Declaration
December 20, 2020Start Number Allocation & Online Briefing
December 25, 2020Start of Gumball India 2020 @00:00hr
December 27, 2020Results @12:00hr
December 27, 2020Finish Celebrations


organising team

The event is planned and executed by a small group of motorsport enthusiasts who have been wanting to bring such endurance event to India for a long long time. To be run every year with a pair of new towns of India at a distance range of 3000 plus kilometres. Now it is close to becoming a reality.

Sudev Barar
Prashant Jain
H V Kumar
Gunpreet Singh

Gumball India 2020

about india

India cannot be introduced in a single book, let alone a paragraph or two.

An amazing country with array of cultures, languages, religions, foods, terrains…’s a unique amalgamation. India is only country that has roots in its continuous history from ancient civilisations to modern economy. India where language, script and vocabulary changes every 100 or 200 kilometres.

Now imagine driving across India. It is an unforgettable experience. Across many mighty rivers with their unique watershed and flora fauna. Experience the magic of monsoons that revives the nation after long spell of summer heat.

Only thing about this endurance drive is that there is no fixed route and you can drive across using any of the several alternatives. 


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